ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crashes, bugs or other issues
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ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by AndyLeecher »

Why doesn't ViveCraft work?

It's easy to answer.
Look at the points below:

1. Tested Minecraft Launcher: Tlauncher, MagicLauncher, Slauncher, TechnicLauncher and the TitanLauncher.
2. Forge version used the same that it was installed by the ViveCraft Installer.
3. We are tested with mods and without (it means the mod from vivecraft it was the only one).
4. Test environment it was a Windows Mixed Reality Device and Windows 10 with actually Java version, 16 GB RAM, Intel I5 9400 and a GTX 1050TI.

The procedure is:

1. Start PC
2. Connect WMR Device it also starts Steam VR
3. Start Minecraft with the launch profile from ViveCraft (after installation from vivecraft)
4. With all the Launcher the same problem. The Game starts, it was in Reality mode but only on PC. means

You can use the WMR Device to steering the Picture on you PC. But the Picture of the Game is only on PC not in you WMR Device.

It was always the same problem with other tested Devices.

- Oculus Rift
- HTC Vive
- Lenovo WMR
- Samsung Odysee


FAZIT: ViveCraft is a funny produktion but it not works at this time. Is a fun tool for craft freaks not for commercial.

Waiting for a version that is easy to start and run on steam VR, everything else is a waste of time.

Spent hours again for something that just doesn't work. That was the last time we donated our time to Vivecraft.
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Re: ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by jrbudda »

The solution is the first item in the troubleshooting section of the FAQ.
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Re: ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by HoraceCCoppola »

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Re: ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by HarryJohnson »

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Re: ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by hamzamaq »

This is pure speculation, but are you using a mobile VR-type system with download video speed controller some kind of intermediate software? If that's the case the issue is likely your software does not support steamer input.
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Re: ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Liammaison »

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Re: ViveCraft definitly not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Philomena112 »

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