Getting Witchcraft And Wizardry to Work

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Getting Witchcraft And Wizardry to Work

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I Want To Believe In Minecraft VR ... 75&o=OneUp

Hello Mr JRbudda and Vivecraft team,

I am trying to get this map to work on 1.16.5 which of course is possible and works fine for me with forge/fabric.
I have tried hard to get this map working on my Apex server, and we even got the version updated on the Apex panel. With paper, geyser, and viaversion.

I dont have a ton of information but I have tested all versions 1.13 of the map and the newest 1.16.5 to get it all to work. Over the years I have used different versions of vivecraft and really do love this mod. But my magnum opus professionally, and not professionally, is to do a speedrun of this map in vr. Because I really think it would be cool, and I just want some help or advice to make this work.

Ill answer any questions I can ASAP

Now I am using these versions together with virtual desktop. What happens is that when I use the resource pack, it fully freezes. Honestly have never loaded into the map. But something about this is telling me this is worth trying for, at least advice.

Map Link : ...
Vivecraft Link :
Optifine : ... jar&x=5dd7
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