Climbing enhanced

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Climbing enhanced

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Hi jrbudda,
ever thought of creating the climbey inspired climbing mechanic into something even more fun and interesting....
I wish there would be a function to make the block you are climbing on breakable, so when you climb up an ice waterfall (for example), the ice blocks would crack slowly and would be destroyed after some time (like in real life, where the ice picks have a chance to break the ice). Just put in an option for setting a randomness factor (in the ini).
So, when climbing, this would give a additional kick.
Thanks and Greetings,
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Re: Climbing enhanced

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The first step would be learning how to tie a figure-eight around yourself so that if you were falling or got crumpled up in your equipment it could eventually catch the rope appropriately and prevent anything bad from happening. As online writing services shared This takes practice because this knot becomes an integral part of being safe on any climb.
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