Mod's that don't work in VR

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Mod's that don't work in VR

Post by GingasVR »

I'm the creator of the VR SurvivalCraft server, so I've tested a fair number of mods.
This is for Forge 12.2.2

Ones that do not work

Immersive Voice ... sive-voice - Doesn't work on servers and nobody can hear each other or see the icon

Gibblys voice Chat reloaded ... t-reloaded - Icon shows up, but un-usable on servers

Chat bubbles ... at-bubbles - Liteloader crashed vivecraft on startup

Mods that work

Biome Bundle ... ome-bundle works 100%

OTG Skylands works 100%
OTG Flatlands works 100%
OTG the void works 100%

Plants works 100%

Gravestone ... estone-mod works 100%

Roguelike Dungeons works...but is laggy at bottom of dungeon

Mowzies Mobs - Mob spawning works, some of the added weapons get glitched in VR but its functional

NeatherEx works 100"%

Waystones works 100%

Trash Slot- Works 100%

Security Craft Functional, Password protected chest and some of the items are very difficult to create in VR, but it works for the most part

Realistic Item Drop, Visual and physics are functional, clicking to pickup works some of the time but its not reliable in VR, keep it on auto pickup in the config
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Re: Mod's that don't work in VR

Post by Coty »

Hey this is really useful, thanks for sharing!
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