Game render flicking on and off

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Game render flicking on and off

Post by Xorlux »

I'm not sure if this is a bug or just my setup, that's why I'm posting here and not github.
In short while playing vivecraft I will randomly stop seeing the game and end up in my default vive environment. This only lasts a few seconds before the game comes back. I've tried repeating it reliably and I can't, it seems random.
Has anyone else experienced this, if so have you solved it and how?

gtx 980
intel i7 hex core
32gb ram
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Re: Game render flicking on and off

Post by The One-Eyed King »

Yeah, i'm having this same exact problem too. It makes this game unplayable for me... I've tried increasing my RAM allocation still nothing. The SteamVR loading app screen pops up every 10 mins at first then it quickly progresses to every second and almost makes it impossible to even open the menu to disconnect and go to the main menu. A fix would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Game render flicking on and off

Post by jrbudda »

This is addressed in other posts but I'll break it down here. The Vive drops the game out if it misses more than 4 frames in a row. This can be caused by many many things in the game engine. Anything that causes the rendering/game logic thread to stall will cause a dropout.

I'll go over a few common causes.

- Error spam: If the game throws an internal exception it gets logged to disk, if something is happening constantly causing any error the disk activity can tank performance. Go to your .minecraft folder and look at launcher.log, logs/latest.log and, if using Forge, logs/fml-client-latest.log and see if there's a massive stream of recurring errors at the bottom, after the game has been running.
- Garbage collection: Minecraft since 1.10 generates a ton of memory garbage that the java VM has to constantly clean up. This cleanup runs periodically and on its own terms based on how much memory you have, how much garbage is being generated, and the values of a bunch of different JVM flags you can pass to the game. Point being every system is different. Several users have reported periodic (~10sec?) single frame drop outs and this is usually due to garbage collection.
- Just too much to render: Minecraft uses rendering code that would have looked old fashioned in 2005, settings like draw distance, transparency and shaders have a very large impact on framerate. Even on high end systems we recommend a draw distance of 8 for VR.
- Old options: Optifine has a long history of poorly-explained-but-important options related to performance, some more successful that others. It's possible your minecraft installation had some settings changed in the past that is affecting performance negatively now. Best bet is a fresh install, or at the very least delete all options*.txt files from the .minecraft directory.
- Java misconfiguration: Java can read JVM flags from your windows environment variables in addition to the command line that starts the problem. We've seen numerous cases where user's systems had extra JVM flags being appended to the minecraft command line in this fashion that was negatively affecting performance. You should check for these.
- Other programs: Should go without saying but of course something else on your computer causing a CPU spike will shut down minecraft hard until it passes.

There's no magic bullet for these kind of problems, I'm afraid, and I only have so much control over Minecraft's outdated rendering code. Your only option is to go thru these steps and try to identify the problem. A min-spec VR rig should be able to play Vivecraft on modest settings at full framerate all the time and that is most users' experience.
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Re: Game render flicking on and off

Post by JamesFlint »

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Re: Game render flicking on and off

Post by jackSmith »

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