Texture pack glitches

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Texture pack glitches

Post by gowhatyourself »


Every time I try to use a different texture pack it loads into what could only be described as a twisted hell world. All the textures are mapped wrong (windows replace the grass texture and you can see through to bedrock, leaves on trees are horses, etc). I've tried maybe two dozen different texture packs and this is happening no matter what I do. I've also tried different builds of Vivecraft with the same results. Has anyone encountered something like this and if so is there a fix?

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Re: Texture pack glitches

Post by Whosaidwhat? »

Leaves on trees are horses. I just went through the laborious login process to say this sounds fantastic. You should totally drop half a tab and roll with it!

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Re: Texture pack glitches

Post by jrbudda »

I'm pretty sure this only happens on the main menu.

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Re: Texture pack glitches

Post by danielcb114 »

Just responding to same I'm having the same issue--using default texture packs. Would you my mod list for comparison? It's fairly large so there might be a lot of overlap, but there's a few obscure ones in there.

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