Insanely bad performance on decent hardware, any ideas?

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Insanely bad performance on decent hardware, any ideas?

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Is there a reason why Vivecraft would be running at around 5-10fps on a 7700k at 4.8ghz and a 1080ti. I know the 7700k isn't all that great these days but I didn't think I would get single digit FPS levels of performance out of it. Anything I should watch out for or look at changing?

I'm playing 1.12.2 running the enigmatica 2: expert modpack using a Rift S.

I've tried:
Giving minecraft 8gb and even tried 16gb of my 32gb of ram
Running in full screen
Making sure vsync is off
Making sure frame limits are off
disabling the mirror
basically toggling all the graphics settings I can

I've reinstalled the latest 64bit version of Java and updated my GPU drivers.

I was also just in the middle of testing more stuff as I was writing this and I managed to get about 20-25fps but putting the render distance down to 2 chunks. If I set it back to 10, it goes right back down to 5-10 fps.

Edit: Tested with a fresh install of Vanilla Minecraft and am seeing mostly 70s and the occasional buttery smooth 80fps with the render distance turned down to 2, if I turn it up it starts to get slower, but definitely not down to the single digit fps I was seeing. So it seems like the modpack is just too heavy and jams up the main thread with everything else going on.

Did some research to try to get the modpack performing better and installed the VanillaFix mod and it helped a lot! I'm getting mostly in the 30s and 40s now, and even saw some 70s when I teleported to some other place where there wasn't much around. It's definitely more playable now, and only drops down to ~15 fps when I go to a spot where a lot is going on. Looks like I just needed to spend some more time tweaking things before posting here, I'm happy that I at least have somewhat playable performance now.

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