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vive cosmos

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Hi everybody.
i have got vive cosmos - so around 3 days i am trying to fix it but i cannot anymore :mrgreen: - the Controllers are not working, i have done the binding, changed to normal vive, even when i am going to Option "check Controllers" is fine everything and Controllers are working - but only in steam Settings - when i am going back to vivecraft - my Hands are not seen and Controllers dont work! i have switched them off and on, reinstalled X times steam but ,,, may be i am too stupid--- does anyone here playing with Windows 10x 64 and vive cosmos the game? :?: thank you :D

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Re: vive cosmos

Post by MajesticPotato60 »

Hello. I to have I vive cosmos and experience alot of lag. My controls work fine. But its just my screen that glitches between waiting and the actual game.

Anyway. I think your problem may be to do with the type of tracking vive cosmos uses. You should either try to lighten up your play area, or try changing your batteries.

The most likely issue is your lighting. If your room is too dark the vive cant track where you are or where your controllers are!

I hope this helps.

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