Game won't use my dedicated GPU

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Game won't use my dedicated GPU

Post by Frimano »

I have a GTX 1070, but the game won't use it to launch, every other application runs fine, non VR, Oculus App and SteamVR. I have Integrated graphics ON because the virtual desktop funtion won't work without it. My monitor is HDMI, and since my GPU has only 1 HDMI port, i use my monitor conected to the motherboard and my CV1 on the HDMI port. Any way to force the game to use my gpu? The option to use a prefered device on nvidia control panel is not there too.

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Re: Game won't use my dedicated GPU

Post by jrbudda »

The nvidia option is for dual-gpu laptops. You need to plug your monitor and hmd into the gaming gpu.

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