How to add Vivecraft to a MultiMC Instance.

Automatic Installation

Automatic Installation may only work using the latest releases of Vivecraft and MultiMC 0.6.3+

  • First run MultiMC and create your instance.
  • Add Forge to it via MultiMC, if you want Forge mod support. Select the version of Forge Vivecraft uses as default for best compatibility. Run the instance once with just forge to make sure it’s installed correctly.
  • Close MultiMC
  • Now run the Vivecraft Installer.


  • Set the ‘path to minecraft’ to your MultiMC Directory. i.e.
  • If you want Forge support tick the Forge box. You do not need to match the Forge version you installed in MultiMC.
  • Untick ‘Create Vivecraft Launcher profile’
  • Click ‘Install’.
  • You should be prompted to choose your MultiMC Instance. Select it and hit OK.
  • Installation will complete.
  • Run MultiMC, ensure the instance components appear in the same order as the picture below, then launch your instance.


Manual Installation

  • Manual Installation Instructions are no longer provided due to significant differences depending on the exact version of MultiMC and Vivecraft.