Mixed Reality Cam

Turn on the Mixed Reality Cam mode in VR Settings > Stereo Rendering. Cycle through the ‘Display Mirror’ options until it reads ‘Mixed Reality’

Next you need to set up the camera position. The easiest way if your room camera is within the view of the lighthouses is to hold the Main controller next to the camera, pointing in the same direction and hit the app menu button while holding the grip button. Doing this will snap the virtual camera position to the controller.


You should also try to match the FOV as closely as possible using the slider in VR Options > Stereo Rendering.

If you need to move the camera manually you can use the following hotkeys:

  • Move left/right: rctrl+left/right
  • Move forward/back: rctrl+up/down
  • Move up/down: rctrl+pgup/pgdown
  • Tilt left/right: rctrl + rshift+left/right
  • Tilt up/down: rctrl + rshift+up/down
  • Roll left/right: rctrl + rshift + pgup/pgdown
  • Change FOV: rctrl + Ins/Del

Once the camera is in the right place you’ll now see the foregound scene on the left half of the mirror and the background scene on the right side of the mirror. The dividing plane is the HMD location.

The un-rendered area is perfect black (rgb 0,0,0) and the game will not normally output this value, allowing you use to it as a keying color. You can change the key color in the options menu.

Leave the game window at the normal size or it will interfere with the UI. Stretch it as needed in your compositing software.


Setting up OBS

Minecraft has some issues with OBS, the only way I’ve gotten it to work is:

  • Add your monitor capture as a global source.
  • Add the monitor source once, set chroma key to absolute black and similarity to 0.
  • Edit the scene and use “alt+size handles” to crop the monitor to the foreground display mirror.
  • Set the source size to fit screen vertically then use “shift+size handles” to stretch it left and right.
  • Add the monitor again as a source. Repeat the above steps for the background half of the mirror.
  • You should now have a combined foreground and background view of the game world.
  • Add your cam as a source, set up your chroma keying, and position the source between the foreground and background.9024a55135494103a92d158433d6b70b

Congratz you’re now in Minecraft!