Vivecraft updates v4 & 31

Another week, another update, my loyal fans. Mostly bugfixes this time. I promise to have something Super Cool(tm) soon.

One neat thing I didn’t even know about is the Dynamic Lights setting in optifine for 1.10. You can actually turn it on now and it makes held torches emit light without a shader pack on, neato!

If you missed it, Brad Lynch put out a cool Mixed Reality video the other day.

I love this stuff! If you have a favorite youtuber with a Vive send them a message to come play Vivecraft. (I’m looking at you, Toboscus)

Also Techjar has put together a modded Vivecraft server. Check out the details here.

Oh and I started a twitter! Follow me for twitter posts that will duplicate pretty much exactly what I post here! Isn’t technology great? #socialmedia #hashtag

As always please please report bugs on Github.

1.7.10 Releases
1.7.10 Issues

1.10.2 Releases
1.10.2 Issues

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

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