1.15 is ready. Wash your hands.

People ask me all the time, they say “jrbudda, can I catch coronavirus in VR?” and I tell them, “Sure?, Maybe?” No one really knows. No one really can know. The mysteries of the universe are closed to us.

My point is I’m not a doctor. Also you should probably wash your hands after touching any other players or animals. Safety first.

Today is the release of Vivecraft for 1.15.2. I hope this brings some joy to your quarantine. Did I say joy? I meant bees. BEEEEEEEES.

First a shout out to @Naeqirelle on discord who is the best bug tester ever. He finds bugs in features I didn’t even know we had. Also a thank you to Techjar, who brings you the awesome Main Menu Worlds which are a big pain to update each time.

The Update

You can find links to the VR, NonVR, and Server downloads for 1.15 over on the downloads page. (Shocking, I know.)

The bad news is we still don’t have Forge support. The good news is quite a bit of work was done in the update to prepare for Forge support sometime in the near future. Once Optifine is up and stable on 1.15 and working with Forge. We will begin the process of making Vivecraft compatible once again (for the third time).

Other than the version update there isn’t a ton of new in this one. A couple of bugs that were lingering in older versions have been squashed, and some new features for the desktop mirror were added.

One exciting change for a very small number of people is that the rendering of items held in the hands is now based on the vanilla first_person transforms. This lets resource pack authors, or highly motivated users, tweak the transforms to make custom-modeled items appear correctly in VR. Yay!

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Play Vivecraft. Support us on Patreon.

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Why do you people do this to yourself?

-jrbudda out

I deck the halls with this Lapis Lazuli

Feliz Navidad to you and yours, people of the internet.

New VR Owners

For those of you waking up this morning to find St. Nick has left you brand new VR equipment ‘neath your tannenbaum: Welcome to Virtual Reality! We have cookies. Virtual cookies!

Let’s provide you with a quick overview of Vivecraft compatibility with the latest gear:

Vivecraft works natively with any SteamVR-compatible headset. This includes:

  • The HTC Vive, Vive Pro, or Vive Cosmos
  • Any Oculus Rift (DK, CV, or S)
  • WMR Headsets like the Samsung Odyssey or HP Reverb
  • The Valve Index

All of the above have pre-configured controller defaults in the latest versions of Vivecraft. See this page to learn all about customizing the controls to your liking.

Additionally, Vivecraft can be streamed from your PC to standalone VR headsets with some additional software. This includes devices such as:

  • The Oculus Quest
  • The Oculus Go
  • Samsung GearVR
  • Google Daydream
  • Google Cardboard (basically any phone-based VR headset)

Important things to remember if you’re using a standalone headset:

  1. Vivecraft still requires a robust gaming PC with a dedicated GPU (AMD or NVIDIA)
  2. Controller support for standalone solutions will vary with the devices. Vivecraft has a keyboard/mouse seated play mode for systems without controllers. There is no gamepad support at this time.
  3. You need to load the correct software onto your device, and have its mate running on your PC. You also still need to install and configure SteamVR.

When you’re ready to play, head over to the downloads page, have a good read through it, and hit the links to the installers.

If you have any questions about Vivecraft please read the FAQ page first, and carefully.

Oh and if you’d like to get me something for Christmas, why not check out the¬†Patreon. There’s in-game rewards and stuff!

Development News

Just a quick status update on Vivecraft development now that we’ve got the newbies taken care of.

Right now the latest version of Minecraft that can be played with Vivecraft is 1.14.4. The latest version that can be played with additional mods via Forge is 1.12.2.

We’re well aware that Minecraft 1.15(.1) is out. At the time of writing this on Christmas morn’, we are waiting on a release of Optifine to begin development on Vivecraft for 1.15. There seem to be no big surprises in 1.15 and I’d guesstimate Optifine will be out in early January with Vivecraft to follow a week or two afterwards. Then you can have your BEEEEEES.

Forge support in the post-1.12 era is a little bit trickier subject. Forge underwent a hefty re-write in 1.13, especially related to coremods, classloading, and other startup shenanigans. Optifine took several months to update and, even using it as an example, we’re looking at a re-write of our whole build process in addition to actually making the 1.13+ VR code compatible with Forge.

In other words: it’ll be done when its done.

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Vivecraft had a great showing in 2019’s SUMMER OF MINECRAFT.

Just a couple of the e-famous names on the list:


Shroud (who one time personally killed me in PUBG)

And the big man Pewds himself.

I’m sure there’s a ton more great videos out there but Youtube’s search is so horribly broken I’ve given up trying to find them. If you’re a smaller youtuber with some good Vivecraft content I’d be happy to drop you an embed in one of these posts, just lemme know on discord.

-jrbudda out.


Instructions for installation can be found on the Downloads Page.

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1.14, SteamVR Input, and Vivecraft’s 3rd birthday.

Happy Birthday, Vivecraft.

Three years ago to the day marks the launch of the Vivecraft website. So auspicious was this event they now set off fireworks to celebrate it annually.

Happy 4th, everyone.

The past few weeks have been non-stop activity here at Vivecraft HQ. The availability of 1.14 modding tools and the release of the Valve index hit us at about the same time. I’ve been dead-ahead getting 1.14 working and Techjar jumped on Index compatibility.

So we’ve got a bunch of new stuff to announce today.

Valve Index and SteamVR Input

Last year, Valve introduced a new input system for SteamVR called SteamVR Input. Instead of handling button presses directly, games using this new system provide a list of ‘actions’ to SteamVR, and SteamVR provides a user interface for mapping those actions to whatever hardware the player is using. Maybe you’ve seen it in other games. You get to it through the SteamVR Dashboard and it looks like this:

We’ve decided to go ahead and convert Vivecraft to SteamVR Input. This adds much better support for the Index than we ever could using legacy button code, and also provides more flexible button mappings for Vive, Touch, and WMR controllers.

The initial release of 1.14 uses this new input system and a new release of 1.13 is available as well.

1.12 (the latest version with Forge mod compatibility) will get this new input system as soon as possible which is very exciting. We generate the action list at runtime so all of your mod keybindings will be available. SteamVR Input allows for single press, double press, long press, click, touch, and toggle, so the number of buttons and flexibility means better interaction between a large mod set and VR controllers.

With these releases we’re also shipping a brand-new set of defaults for all controller types based on user feedback.

That was the good news. Now for the bad news.

You’ll get to try the new defaults whether you like it or not, since any existing controller setups cannot be converted. I’m sorry, I’m not happy about it either.

Another caveat is Steam itself is now a dependency. SteamVR Input uses the Steam Workshop to save (and share!) controller bindings, so you will need to have Steam running before launching Vivecraft if you intend to edit your controls.

One last thing: You cannot edit Vivecraft bindings without Vivecraft running. It will not show up in the ‘recently played’ list. It’s not a Steam game so we cannot use a permanent manifest. You also need to fully exit the controller settings and re-enter it if you restart the game, or any changes made will not be applied or saved.

I’ve written a full set of instructions for working with SteamVR Input here. You may wish to give it a read before diving in.

Minecraft 1.14

The VR and Non-VR clients, as well as the Spigot server plugin are all now available for 1.14. Consider these in beta, there are a few minor known issues. Will be spending this weekend polishing it up and maybe adding some new VR features (Roomscale crossbow and crawling, maybe)

1.14 is SteamVR Input Only. Sorry, no exceptions. We have too many simultaneous branches of Vivecraft to maintain as-is. I know the SteamVR input screen is complicated, and I know it sucks needing to set your controllers up again, but this is the way forward, and forward we go, together, hand in virtual hand.

So give it a go, update your servers, gather round a campfire or fight through a raid in VR. And then post any bugs you find.


We’re a video game right? so I guess we need to have a roadmap. And microtransactions recurrent user spending. We’ll stick to just the roadmap for now.


  • Take a nap
  • Read all the bug reports generated by friendly users during said nap.
  • Fix the bugs, release 1.14 out of beta.
  • Eat an entire cake to celebrate.
  • Flesh out the website with better info on all the new things.

Immediate Future

  • Port SteamVR Input to 1.12 for mod support.
  • Likely update from 1.14.3 to 1.14.4

Medium-immediate Future

  • Finally sit down and fix Physical Inventory. No we haven’t forgotten about it. It’s mostly there but still has some tricky bugs that lead to inventory corruption which are both un-releaseable and time-consuming.
  • Bring Forge support to 1.14. I don’t know what’s going on with this. The new Forge need changes to be compatible with how Optifine and Vivecraft operate. If Optifine becomes compatible, we will follow.


  • Port game to to Minecraft 1.634.3
  • Add support for Samsung SmellTronics (did you know creepers smell like lemons?)
  • Take hyper-nap

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A man spends 24 hours in Minecraft. You’ve probably seen this video already, but if you haven’t it’s very ambitious, well put together, and definitely worth a watch. No mention of Vivecraft on the video page tho ūüôĀ

A lot of people also saw Pro Mello’s ‘ray tracing video’.¬† He made 4 more videos after this as well. Which I didn’t know about, cause there’s also no mention of Vivecraft on this page either. Hey youtubers, what’s a guy gotta do to get a shout out around here?

More popular videos that follow this sinister pattern. Pretty funny tho.

Joshdub is back with some… friends. Surely he’ll list Vivecraft on his vide…. oh.

-jrbudda out.


1.14 Releases
1.14 Issues

Instructions for installation can be found on the Downloads Page.

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1.13.2 is go for launch

Greetings and salutations, Minecraft VR fans the world over! Today is the day. A momentous day. 2/22. The day we release Vivecraft 1.13.2 into the wild to take those first, hesitant steps towards being replaced shortly by 1.14.

This post will be a little technical as I go over the gory details of what has changed, so if you just want to play, hit up the downloads page and be off with you.

What the heck took so long?

1.13 was released in July 2018, and followed by 2 revisions, culminating in 1.13.2 in October. What have we been doing for 7 months? Sleeping? Playing other video games? How dare we?

1.13 is a a big update for Mojang and therefore a big update for everyone. Vivecraft is built on top of several other components, namely MCP and Optifine. MCP is a modding package that Mojang is supposed to release, and historically is what Optifine, Forge, and Vivecraft use for development. To date, Mojang still has not released the update for it, so we’ve been left to our own devices.

The Forge team decided to take this opportunity for a near total re-write, including development of their own modding tools which removes the need for MCP.

Optifine went and made their own update for MCP, and Optifine for 1.13 was released in October. I got a copy of the update and was able to start working on Vivecraft sometime in December. So a big thanks to sp614x for making this update even possible.

Porting the codebase to 1.13 took about 2 weeks, with another week actually getting it to compile. We then had 2 weeks of alpha testing and a week of beta testing. And here we are. Big shout out to everyone on Discord who helped with the testing!

What’s changed?

A lot, as Minecraft goes. Mostly under-the-hood.

The biggest change is the jump from LWJGL 2 to 3. LWJGL, which I pronounce ‘ligwuhjul’ and should likely not be pronounced at all, is the ‘lightweight java gaming library’ and is the third-party tool that Minecraft uses to talk to the operating system of the PC.

Access to to the Display, Mouse, and Keyboard are all done thru it, so it’s a pretty fundamental aspect of the code, everywhere. LWJGL changed significantly in the jump from 2 to 3, totally replacing the older Display, Mouse and Keyboard libraries with another third party tool, GLFW (Graphics Library FrameWork). This library is now responsible for handling all access to the GPU and input layer to and from Minecraft, as well as providing additional acronyms in case there’s ever a shortage.

The GLFW change is actually wonderful for Vivecraft. Mojang had to sit down and re-write how Minecraft interacts with the Mouse and Keyboard, and they did it properly this time with an abstraction layer. We, Vivecraft, can now just hook right into that abstraction layer and mimic any kind of keyboard or mouse event without the 6 layers of hackery we used in previous versions. We no longer need window focus, or to emulate keypresses or any of that nonsense. 2 years of tedious workarounds went right in the bin and it felt great.

What’s even better, it is now impossible for other mod authors to write code that bypasses input from Vivecraft, meaning we no longer have to bend over backwards to support misbehaving Forge mods. At least that’s the theory, there’s no Forge support yet.

Wait, where’s Forge?

Forge for 1.13, as I mentioned, is undergoing a massive re-do. Beta versions of it are out there, and a couple mods, but frankly we had more than enough to do getting stock Vivecraft updated to worry about it.

We will add Forge back in a future update for 1.13, if at all possible.

What’s changed in Vivecraft?

For us this was mostly a technical update and not a lot of new features were added. Beyond the input stuff above, I had to re-write all of our settings GUI’s from scratch, which is a lot of work and results in zero noticeable change for players.

Techjar had to re-write large parts of the Main Menu renderer, which draws those cool pre-fab worlds around the main menu. We also had to make all-new worlds for 1.13 and some are really pretty. Thanks to NPC-8606 for finding cool places on the test server to export.

Techjar made a nice pass on the in-game GUI blending, transparency, and lighting code and that all looks great now. Also re-worked the ‘wrist’ HUD option to be more watch-like, requested by many.

One really cool new feature, also courtesy of Techjar, is a ‘physical’ keyboard.

The previous, pointer-based keyboard is still in there as an option.

I was told there would be fish

The aquatic updates for Minecraft are all integrated into Vivecraft for 1.13. The swimming mechanics have been updated, the Trident has some fun VR first person animations, and everything about works as you’d expect, thanks to our thorough testers.

He died shortly thereafter from falling.

You can pet the fish. You can put the fish in buckets. I really don’t want to know what else you’d like to do with the fish.

Full change notes are on the Github releases page.

What’s Next?

We’re going to start investigating how to get Forge support working for 1.13. It’s a high priority for us, we know people play Java Minecraft for the mods, after all.

I will likely push out an update to 1.12 with some minor stuff we found while doing the update. 1.12 has received numerous small updates over the past months, I just haven’t done any major features or blog posts. I expect 1.12 to stick around for a long time, having Forge available for 1.13 doesn’t mean popular mods will update, so we’ll keep 1.12 polished for now.

You’ve probably not forgotten about the physical inventory system we teased oh so long ago. We haven’t either, although the guy who was doing it has been busy and unavailable to continue. Forge compatibility was a big obstacle to getting that all working, so along with our evaluation of Forge 1.13 we will look into finishing that system and getting it in there without having to worry about compatibility.

I’ve had some other features on the TODO list for awhile now, like roomscale fishing, buttons and levers. Those are still planned will be continued as I have time.

Around the Community

For those of you who found us from SwaggerSouls recent video, welcome. Also congratulations on finding us since he gave us no attribution at all (:/) Video’s pretty funny tho.

Here’s the start of a let’s play from frequent Discord user¬†Insanegrox (using the 1.13 beta, no less)

And another long play from very helpful Discorders Princess Fuzzy and VRAdditct

Report the bugs.

Report the bugs. There will be bugs. The 113 github repo has a fresh clean, empty issue tracker waiting for you.

-jrbudda out.


1.13 Releases
1.13 Issues

Instructions for installation can be found on the Downloads Page.

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1.13 Work has begun

We’ve started working on Vivecraft for 1.13. There is still no official release of MCP, but sp614x, who writes Optifine, has manually created the MCP update so we can all move forward.

There is also still no Forge for 1.13. So we are going ahead under the assumption the first releases of Vivecraft will not have Forge support, to be added later. Forge is undergoing a very, very extensive re-write so that may be a long time coming yet.

I’d like to get a working build of Vivecraft out for testing within in the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye on this space, or join the Discord for more timely updates.

Stay turned and sorry this is taking so long.

Still waiting for 1.13

Hi all. Vivecraft will update to 1.13 as soon as we can. Vivecraft is built on top of MCP, Forge, and Optifine and we can’t even start on the update until those are released first. I know it’s been a while, we appreciate your patience!


We’re updating our Privacy Policy!

New policy: Privacy’s pretty good, I guess.

Old policy: Privacy is OK, better than a poke in the eye with a stick.

I need to get out more.

Anyway, happy Memorial Day weekend to you all, and thank you for joining me for this Vivecraft update. If it’s not Memorial Day weekend where you are in the world, then happy Stroopwafel day or whatever it is there.

This was going to be a stop-gap release to just update Forge and Optifine to the latest and greatest while our fancier new features were still being worked on, but we found a number of very useful and exciting things to add anyway. Onward to features!

New Keyboard

We’re finally moving away from the SteamVR keyboard, which has actually gotten worse since the launch of SteamVR 2 years ago. The new keyboard is much more minecraft-y and basically works like the old one, except you can actually type with 2 hands and it doesn’t take like 5 seconds to show up! There’s a lot more little details about it in the release notes, but for brevity have a gif.

New Radial Menu

A long term complaint about VR Minecraft, especially for heavily modded users, is the lack of availability of controller buttons. We’ve tried to make the controller button binding system as configurable as possible, passing literal raw keyboard inputs to the PC, etc, but there has never been enough dang buttons. So I copy/pasted the new keyboard tech and made a radial menu! This handy guy can hold 2 sets of 8 keybinds, for a total of 16 inputs. You map the radial menu to a button, and either press or hold that button to pop up the menu and make your selection to send to the game. This is super helpful, even in vanilla. Behold!

Horses and Boats

Our contributor,¬†finaltransmit, who you may remember from last year as the dude who made roomscale swimming and other neat things happen, is back! He’s got some really cool stuff still in the cooker, but here’s 2 new things for right now.

Horses now have¬† ‘roomscale’ riding with reins! Coconuts optional.

Due to an unforeseen equine emergency shorty before release, the roomscale horse riding has been temporarily disabled while the horses are retrained. Still.. they have reins!

And boats have proper oars and oar-ing!

New Forge and Optifine

The included version of Optifine is now 1.12.2 D3, up from C9. I do believe this one has some nice chunk load speed improvements in it.

Forge is updated to 2702. There was some significant breaking changes around 2655 or so, this will keep you running with the latest versions of all them fancy FTB modpacks.

In the Works!

No vague promises this time, I have video evidence!

View post on imgur.com

What you see here is a preview of finaltransmit’s new physical inventory system! We’ve very excited for this feature, but are still working out the kinks!. Our hope is to have this in the next version of 1.12.2, before 1.13 drops!

I have also previously mentioned an overhaul of the roomscale interaction system to allow the physical pressing of doors, levers, buttons, gates, etc. That’s still planned and will hopefully release with the physical inventory. Immersion overload!

Speaking of 1.13, don’t get your hopes up for a quick update. Mojang is updating the underlying java/OS library (called LWJGL) for the first time in forever. The good news is the new version has built-in support for OpenVR and much fancier opengl techniques, the bad news is we have no idea if we’ll be able to use any of it! So there will be an extensive research phase before any updates can be started. We’ll also have to re-write all the mouse and keyboard input code too! Hooray for Progress!


-jrbudda out.


1.12 Releases
1.12 Issues

Instructions for installation can be found on the Downloads Page.

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Long Overdue

Sorry for the long delay between posts. It’s been almost 4 months since the last one. Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Presidents Day, Valentines Day…. so many missed opportunities for puns and sad headline jokes.

So here’s a sad headline joke I just happen to know:

Hey have you heard about corduroy pillows? They’re making head lines!

Good. Now that’s out of my system, on to business.

Vivecraft for Minecraft 1.12.2 has been receiving trickle updates over the past couple months, mostly addressing little bugs and niggles, and a few new features thrown on top. Perhaps you’ve seen these builds on github or discord, and a large thank-you to¬†our discord¬†users who act as my hapless testers. If not, then, well, keep reading!


One cool new, much-requested feature is a ‘third person’ desktop mirror. This is a great middle ground for youtubers and twitchers (twitchies? yea lets go with twitchies) between a first person view and a full-blown mixed reality setup.

The ‘camera’ for this view is the same as for the Mixed Reality mode, meaning it can be placed manually, or moved around with a 3rd controller or Vive tracker. You also get a view inside the hmd of where the camera is and what¬†it’s¬†seeing, which is neat! See the mixed reality page for details.


F5 also now cycles thru desktop mirror modes so you don’t have to go digging through menus.

And… that’s it pretty much for new features. I’ve updated Optifine twice, re-enabled ‘walk-up-blocks’ for locomotion, fixed shadows using shaders, made some changes to the installer to allow custom Forge versions and compatibility with the new MultiMC, but the 3rd person mirror is the only really¬†‘new’ thing. See the full change notes over on github.


Another great new announcement is that the newer Vivecraft versions are now actually buildable from Github again. We sat down and overcame some technical hurdles so that anyone can now grab the source code and get up and running a dev environment for  modern Vivecraft without jumping through hoops. I also fixed some dead links and rehosted files that were making even the older 1.7.10 version unbuildable without fiddly edits.

I’ve updated the readme’s on the 1.10.2 and 1.12.2 Github pages with instructions on how to get a working build for yourself. (1.11.2 is¬†discontinued and I’m not working on it anymore.)

If you want to contribute I highly recommend stopping by the discord channel, I promise we do not bite much.

Around the Community!

This is hilarious. And shows fantastic usage of the climb claws.

I don’t know what’s going on in this next one but it’s got a half million views so it must be good.

I know there’s more videos out there but youtube search is so godawful it’s very hard to keep track.

Also since the last updates I’ve added several new Vivecraft servers to the Server List, check it out if you’re looking for somewhere to play.

Pay Me!

If anyone of you new bitcoin millionaires want to sponsor my early retirement, please send me an email, or just a suitcase of money.

For everyone else, we do have a Patreon page. Big thank you to all my current Patrons and especially thanks for sticking around through the last couple months of not-much-happening. Becoming a patron gets you a special role in the discord chat, and one of those cool in-game HMD’s you see in the gifs earlier in this post.

What’s Next?

I mentioned in my last post seventeen years ago about a big overhaul of the roomscale interaction system. A lot of the groundwork for this system is actually in place now, we just haven’t added any palpable changes yet. With most of the little technical issues put to bed in this release, the work now begins on the real fun gameplay stuff. Look out soon for interactable door, chests, button, levers, trapdoors, furnaces, etc etc etc. A previous contributor, finaltransmit, has popped back¬†in with some cool new improvements to roomscale horse riding and boat rowing which are already in for the next version, expect more cool stuff from him too!.


–jrbudda out


1.12 Releases
1.12 Issues

Instructions for installation can be found on the Downloads Page.

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Back in Black Friday

Oh, hey there.

We’re still here! I am sorry there haven’t been better updates. I am a poor custodian of this, the most auspicious of VR mods for games more than 10 years old that also run on java. Thank you all for your patience. Thank you too, to the patrons who are still contributing, desperately hoping for any tiny nuggets of news.

Where have I been, you ask? Erangel, mostly, if you must know. I’m sorry for all those times I shot you around a corner.

In all seriousness, there have been a few updates since the last blog post, mostly updating from 1.12.0 to 1.12.1 and then to 1.12.2. The discord has remained active and I encourage you to hang out there if you really want to stay up-to-date. So version updates and a few bug fixes here and there, but nothing exciting.

That changes today! New Stuff!

The full change notes, as always, are on the Github page, but please continue on for a brief overview.

This is a 1.12.2-only release at the moment.

Something about eggs and omelettes

Since Mojang is busying itself breaking everything I thought it a fine time to undertake the same adventure.

In this iteration of Vivecraft we have re-written significant parts of the VR Movement system, the whole controller input and binding system (thanks, Techjar), and much of the GUI rendering.

The movement re-write comes with many palpable improvements, including a ‘smooth rotation’ setting, significantly improved handling of how vehicles and ladders work, much better roomscale rowing, and many little fixes to how you (the human), and Steve (the player), decide who’s actually the one in charge.

Techjar’s input rework has led to a much better button-binding menu as well as a new setting for splitting up the Vive trackpad into button regions. I believe he has added at least 37 different modes, including one in which each button occupies a slice of the pad 320 arcseconds wide and supports¬†four thousand¬†buttons.

These changes, especially the input handling,  are just the beginning and pave the way for bigger and better things down the road. For a rundown of some of the really cool new stuff I plan to add with these new systems, keep reading!

Loot Boxes!

Just kidding.

LAN Play Now!

This was going to be the big headline of this release but then we just kept working and working on it and now it almost feels like a footnote. Both Vivecraft and the Non-VR companion can now host a LAN game supporting VR animations and movement. This saves the step of setting up and maintaining a server. Great for homes with a VR-rig and a couple old laptops floating around.  Works with Forge mods, too!

I regret it is still not possible for a single¬†PC to play VR and Non-VR simultaneously, but that is on the wishlist and we’re hoping Minecraft 1.13¬†brings us a way to make that happen.

To start a LAN game: Load up a world on the PC you want to host and from the in-game menu select ‘Open To LAN’. The other PC(s) should then see the LAN game on the Multiplayer selection screen.


Another great new feature is easier installation of Vivecraft into MultiMC. This¬†is a great little launcher for managing many different instances of Minecraft with wildly different settings. Especially in this age of the ‘new’, ‘improved’, ‘totally-not-garbage’, ‘doesn’t-deserve-to-be-set-on-fire’ vanilla launcher.

It was previously possible to get Vivecraft working on MMC  but required some tricky json edits and whatnot. Now our installer will simply detect multimc.exe, allow you to select your instance, and do the legwork for you. I should have switched to this thing for my own use months ago.

See this page for detailed instructions for both this, and older versions.

Pre-release Warning

Due to the extensive changes I am putting this out as a release candidate with full blog post and everything because, frankly, I need your help testing it. You will find things broken; For example turning on the Mixed Reality mirror mode currently causes Minecraft to leak into our reality. There was an enderman in my basement last night and I do not wish that experience upon anyone, so avoid that option for now.

There are multiple avenues for you to tell me all about the cool new bugs you’ve found. Github Issues¬†are great. I regularly check the forums here, and am pretty much always on the discord. Emails, reddit messages, steam message, too are all acceptable. Bring logs and screenshots.

Yes I do plan on bringing this new stuff to the older versions of Vivecraft, or at least 1.10.2, but only after the bugs have been worked out. So it’s in your best interest to try this one out.

The Future?

So this update fixes up some of the more annoying and janky internal bits of Vivecraft. With these out of the way we can get back to work on real features.

By far the most requested new thing is more and better VR interactivity. Minecraft is chock-full of things that should be touchable but aren’t. Doors, chests, levers, buttons, crafting tables, the list goes on. Up til now we’ve relied on the stock Minecraft ‘left click’ and ‘right click’ buttons for standard things, but these will only ever work where the crosshair is pointing. Other VR interactions like ladders and animals I implemented by just ‘touching’ the thing with the controller, (no buttons involved due to lack of availability), but this has serious limitations due to accidental activation. Hence no doors or chests. Well with our new input system, we can fix all that!

My goal for the future is assigning a ‘VR Interact’ button to each controller that will be a context-sensitive override to the normal function of that button. For example touching a door will turn one of the buttons on that hand, lets say the grip (usually ‘sneak’ or ‘pick block’), into a ‘open’ or ‘close’ command. Sounds cool, right?

The biggest hurdle to this, now that we have the infrastructure to handle the buttons, is providing visual feedback to the player that the use of a button has changed. So that’s what we’re going to work on. Engines like Unity and Unreal make it very easy to highlight a controller button and show some text… but of course Minecraft has no such systems and we will have to start from the polygons and work our way up. Once we have a good feedback system in place, expect all the existing VR interactions to switch to this system as well a whole lot more becoming available. I’m really excited to get to work on this so stay tuned!

-jrbudda out

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