Inaugural Updates

News got you down? Feeling the need to escape reality? have you tried…… virtual reality? We’ve got some!

New updates out today for both our current branches of Vivecraft. That’s number 5 for 1.11.2 and 36 for 1.7.10. My how time flies.

The new 1.11 version has a pretty sweet new Main Menu system-thingie. Techjar worked on it for like a week straight. We can now stream Main Menus basically directly into your brain. We reserve the right to use this system to troll you, collect your personal data to sell to Djiboutian spies, or add your PC to a botnet the sole purpose of which is to identify every last picture of a corgi on the internet.

The better news for some of you is we have actually started work on Forge integration for 1.10+. We’re using 1.11.2 for now and if by the time we’re done (which could be a long time) all the good modpacks are still on 1.10.2, we’ll bring back that version.

Community News

Been a little quiet this week. Some of our new servers are building up a nice regular playerbase, if you’re looking for a online Vivecraft home, go check one out.

We’re slowly compiling a compatibility list for Forge mods, should be up on the site here soon. I intend on showing which mods are known to work, not work, or mostly work, and what workarounds might be available. If you’re a Forge player and want to help, we’d like to hear from you on the Discord

If you speak German here’s a guy who’s up to episode 63 (!) in a Vivecraft youtube series. Give him some views! (or whatever they’re called in German, (das views?))

As always please please report bugs or request features on Github.

1.11.2 Releases 1.11.2 Issues

1.7.10 Releases 1.7.10 Issues

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

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New Year, New You!

Just kidding, it’s the same you. Wouldn’t it be weird if you woke up one day and you weren’t you? Would you be able to tell?

Thankfully there is no confusing if Vivecraft is new. because we use version numbers, (and sometimes letters).

Updates are out today for both 1.11.2 and 1.7.10. This is the first announced version of 1.11.2 tho I did sneak an early build onto github last week for the truly dedicated.

No major new features this time around, just a handful of small polishes and bugfixes. Most notably Techjar has gone and totally re-written the Main Menu system. He’s got some cool stuff in the works for this likely in the next update, so stay tuned. Also farming is now a thing you can do in roomscale if that’s the kind of thing that entertains you.

The spigot server plugin does not need an update for 1.11.2 so feel free to keep using it when updating your servers from 1.11.

Cool stuff from around the Community

We’ve added some new servers to the Server Listings page if you’re looking for other folks to play with. If you have a server you’d like listed, let me know!

Here’s a neat video showing how to get Vivecraft working on a PSVR using Trinus

This is just some folks derping around with 2 Vives in the same room on a multiplayer server but it amused me.

As always please please report bugs or request features on Github.

1.11.2 Releases 1.11.2 Issues

1.7.10 Releases 1.7.10 Issues

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

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Animation update and non-VR companion

Happy Wednesday!

I have some updates to brighten up your humpday doldrums!

First, (tho some of you might have seen me sneakily release it last week):

Introducing the Vivecraft NonVR Companion mod!

This was requested a lot since the jump to 1.10 and the unfortunate (and hopefully temporary) absence of Forge support. This is a stripped-out version of Vivecraft that is basically vanilla, boring 2D minecraft for ‘non vr’ people (muggles). The only thing it adds is the new and very much improved VR animation support so your Minecraft server mates can see you dance, twirl or pick your butt. It’s also got Optifine in it, so they can use shaders and whatnot.

Get it (or tell your muggle friends to get it) on the regular Vivecraft 1.11 downloads page.

Jaron780 has updated the Spigot plugin to properly sort the VR from the NonVR.

Animation Update

The VR animation in 1.10/1.11 was, let’s face it, a little janky. So I’ve gone and re-done it properly. Arms are fully articulated with shoulders. Your head direction follows properly. The head height does not change but that’s intentional on my part. (we don’t want any short-shaming around here. Or maybe I’m just lazy, deal with it ya wee bastards)

Here’s a gif.

Note this is all for 1.11 Vivecraft, and only works on proper multiplayer servers running our Spigot plugin. (No LAN, for now). If you’re a 1.7.10 kinda person please continue to use Techjar’s excellent Vivecraft Forge Extensions mod on your VR and non-VR clients which do basically the same thing (tho they don’t got shoulders :P)

Touch controller support: round 2

I discovered something terrible, you guys. Shook me to my core. Since the very first minecrift-vive… the aim direction in minecraft vs the SteamVR system menu has been off. By 1.282 degrees. Literally unplayable. Well no more! We’re now using the reported aim direction based on the controller you’re using. This means fixing that egregious oversight on the Vive controllers, and I guess also fixing the 40 degree offset that Touch users were seeing. I went the extra mile and re-did the tool positioning for Touch users so while your ‘aim’ is now basically ‘gun’ direction tools still sit parallel to the grip. Looks and works pretty good.

Here’s a picture from Discord user Alto who helped playtest these changes.

This update will be coming to the 1.7.10 branch in the next couple days, I need a little longer due to, frankly, being terrified of the item rendering code in that version.

Note that there is currently a bug in SteamVR where the in-game keyboard uses the wrong direction. They are fixing it.

I also added bindable buttons to the left joystick directions and re-did the defaults based on feedback. Check out the patch notes and How To Play page for details. If you’ve already played Vivecraft 1.11v2 on your Touch you will want to review and/or reset your bindings as much has changed.

The ability to rebind the right stick directions and a similar thing for swipes on the Vive touchpad may be in the future.

Check out the update details at the Github Releases page

Instructions for installation are on the Downloads Page.

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Update for Oculus Touch

Good Evening. Vivecraft now has some (slightly experimental) support for Oculus Touch controllers. We are excited to welcome our Rift brethren to the roomscale party.

Get yours in Minecraft 1.11 or 1.7.10 flavor and please make sure you are using the beta branch of SteamVR or you’re gonna have a bad time.

I’ve assigned defaults to the Touch controllers based on a lottery system. I put the commands in a hat and drew them at random to assign to buttons. You can view the results on the how-to-play page. I am totally open to changing the defaults if a consensus can be reached as to a better set.

The Touch mappings for in-game actions can be re-bound to touching or pressing any of the main buttons or triggers. Do so in VR Settings > Controller Buttons.

Big thanks to our oculus testing team for helping me out with this one. I’m talking about you, discord user Fritter, you the man.

There’s still a little bit of weirdness at this early stage in properly identifying the tracking system in use. If you find yourself way above or too near the ground use the Reset Origin button on the settings menu and that should sort it.

I also went and implemented a ‘FOV-Reduction’ comfort option while in free-move mode. I personally can’t stand it but hey, different strokes and all that. It’s just a fade-to-black and not some fancy schmancy static horizon like Google Earth. But we ain’t fancy schmancy.

Also gee whiz, people. Endermen. They’ve not worked right… ever. Not since the very first Minecrift-Vive have endermen properly responded to a VR player eyeballin them. You had to get your crosshair all up in their spooky faces to rile them up. Well no more! Just when you thought creepers were the worst things in VR now you get proper endermen aggro to deal with. I understand why no one reported this, I really do. (chickens). Server admins will need to update their server plugin to get this fix in Multiplayer.

RETROACTIVE EDIT: Forgot to plug the new Server Listings Page!. Shows realtime public Vivecraft server status. If you have a Vivecraft-friendly server and want it listed on this page let me know!.

That’s all for now. See you again real soon.


Vivecraft for Minecraft 1.11!


Yes, it is I! jrbudda! Rumors of my untimely demise are greatly exaggerated (and may have been spread at my behest!)

It’s good to be back though!. Writin’ code. Testin’ features. Terrifyin’ the dog with unending streams of profanity directed at the glowy-desk-box. Ya know, programmer stuff.

I have for you, you lucky people, many announcements on this fine, brisk November morn.


Vivecraft for 1.11 is here! This is the now the primary version of Vivecraft. The 1.10.2 version will not be updated any longer unless someone has a compelling reason.


Along with the release of 1.11 client, Mr. Jaron780 has updated the Spigot server plugin. He also went and made a Spigot plugin for 1.7.10 as well, to replace the old one by jpossi who is not updating his any more. Grab the plugins on the Multiplayer page!

Also Next.

Vivecraft Update 32 for 1.7.10 All the cool roomscale and seated options that were added to 1.10.2 in the last couple updates have been ported to 1.7.10. We do intend on maintaining this version since is the only one that supports Forge. I will do my best to keep 1.7.10 on par with 1.11 going forward.

Next Next.

I finally got around to configuring the forums here on This is a good place for users to talk to other users. If you want to communicate with me or submit bugs, please continue to use Github.

Next Next Next.

I’ve been told Vivecraft works on the PSVR using Trinus. How cool is that??

Next x4.

Watch this Vivecraft Video. It’s well produced and hilarious.

Next x5.

This cool steam utility, 3Dsunshine, lets you paint minecraft structures like Tiltbrush and import them into your worlds. What a great companion app to Vivecraft.


Forge Support for 1.11! … Is not currently being worked on. Sorry. It’s a huge technical challenge with dubious chances of success. If there are any community members out there who know java, Forge, and have a penchant for masochism feel free to jump on the team and head that one up. The people will sing your praises.

That’s all the news. Sorry for the long delay between updates. I’ll try to keep ’em coming more regularly. Got some new things kickin’ in the ol’ headspace for the next update, shouldn’t be long, keep an eye out!


Status Update

Hello lovely fans, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been quite busy in the past couple weeks and my time for working on Vivecraft has been limited. Fear not, though, new updates will be coming.

Mojang has announced a release date for Minecraft 1.11 of next week. Vivecraft 1.10 version will update to 1.11 shortly after Optifine is available. I do not plan on maintaining a separate 1.10 version.

With the release of Oculus Touch I’m guessing some changes will be required for button configuration and the like. I don’t have a Rift so will be looking to you, the community, for feedback on what needs to change.

The 1.7.10 version got stuck between updates and is missing features found in the 1.10.2 version, I’m trying to get that finished up now and hope to get it out this week.

Thank you for your patience and please accept this picture of a chia dog as a token of my gratitude.

New update and server plugin for 1.10

Good afternoon to you, my dear vivecrafters. We have another update today for the 1.10 version of Vivecraft that goes along with the first release of our ‘official’ (i.e. I wrote it) multiplayer plugin for Spigot servers. This plugin has the exciting ability to allow vivecraft users to see each other’s hands and heads waving about.

Also made some improvements for our Rift users, you can now use ‘teleport’ mode while playing seated. And you can correctly set the origin for your Hydra controllers if that’s how you roll.

As always there’s a couple other new little features and bugfixes, including improvements to some of the new ‘roomscale’ movement. Check out the releases page for the full list.

1.10.2 Releases 1.10.2 Issues

1.7.10 Releases (nothing new today)

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

The new 1.10 server plugin can be found on the Vivecraft Spigot Extensions releases page

If you’re interested in a bit of a roadmap, my plans for the near future are to port all this cool new stuff back to the 1.7 branch. Get the rest of the needed multiplayer features into the new VSE plugin. Get the new VSE plugin also working on 1.7, and then maybe take a nap.

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Vivecraft v5 – Huge roomscale overhaul

Last time I promised something Super Cool(tm). I am here to deliver.

12 days since the last release? That’s like, 17 1/2 Vivecraft years. Whole generations of ocelots have come and gone in the interim.

What has all your patience wrought? well, dear fiends, we have a huge roomscale interactivity overhaul courtesy of our new contributor Finaltransmit, and myself.

You can check the release notes for the details and instructions but there’s a TON of new ways to interact with your Minecraft worlds.

Please note this is ONLY for Minecraft 1.10.2 AT THIS TIME. We fully intend on releasing these improvements for the 1.7 branch as soon as  you all have bugtested the hell out of experienced the majesty of these changes and we’ve gotten some feedback and put them in their final form. Most of the new interactions could use some additional sophistication and feedback to make them easier and more pleasing to use, and doing both versions at once is just… not fun. If you have suggestions to make everything better, drop us a line on Github or Discord.

1.10.2 Releases 1.10.2 Issues

1.7.10 Releases (nothing new today)

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

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