Can I play with friends?

Yes! Vivecraft can be used to play on any normal Minecraft server running the same base Minecraft version. You can play with anyone, VR or not.

The VR features you can use in multiplayer depend on the server configuration. See the Multiplayer page for more info!

Can other people see me move in VR?

Yes! With a little work. You will need to be on a server with one of our server plugins, and you, and all your friends will need either Vivecraft or the Vivecraft Non-VR companion mod.

The game runs poorly, what can I do?

Minecraft was not written for VR and is not a very well optimized game. Here are some steps you can take to improve performance

  • Reduce your draw distance in the Video Settings menu. Below 10 is best.
  •  Change graphics to ‘fast’ in the Video Settings menu.
  • Turn down the ‘Render Scale’ in the VR Settings > Stereo Rendering menu.
  • Turn the display mirror off in the VR Settings > Stereo Rendering menu.

How do I report a bug or request a feature?

Please post your bug or request on the associated Github Issues Page:

Issues for 1.7.10 Issues for 1.10.2 Issues for 1.11

Can I play with mouse/keyboard?

Yes you can. Change ‘Play Mode’ to ‘SEATED’ in the VR Settings menu.

Can I play with a gamepad?


Does Vivecraft work with Forge?

Yes! See the Downloads page for installation instructions, and this page for individual mod compatibility info.

Does Vivecraft work with LiteLoader?

Yes, but only on 1.7.10. Install Vivecraft with Forge then extract the LiteLoader .jar and put it in your /mods/ folder.

How do I play Minecraft?

Check google or youtube for tutorials

Why can’t I jump?

Vivecraft disables jumping and falling in teleport mode for those prone to motion sickness. Enable them in the VR Settings > Locomotion Options menu by turning ‘Simulate Falling’ on.

Why can’t I teleport?

When you connect to a multiplayer server that does not report running a Vivecraft Server Plugin the movement mode will default to free-move so you do not get kicked for cheating. If you know the server allows teleporting you can switch back to it by holding the ‘Pick Block’ button for 4 seconds or from the VR Settings > Locomotion menu.

Why can’t I type in game?

Using the in-game keyboard (and several other mouse-related things) requires that the game window is in focus on your PC. If you alt-tab or click off it in Desktop mode be sure you switch back to it.

Can I use Vivecraft with mod packs?

Yes!. See installation instructions below. Check the mod compatibility chart if you encounter any issues, individual mods in the pack may not work.

Using the FTB / Curse / Twitch / Technic Launcher

Use the mod launcher to download your desired pack. Install Forge and then Vivecraft with the Forge option checked. Open the normal Minecraft Launcher, select the Vivecraft-Forge profile and click ‘edit profile’.  Check the ‘Game Directory’ box and enter in the directory of your mod pack base. This should be the directory with the /mods folder. Save the profile and play!

Why don’t my motion controllers respond at all?

Make sure the game is set to STANDING play mode. Use the mouse to navigate the menu to the VR Settings screen and change it there.

Why does the game show up on my desktop, but not in the headset?

This occurs frequently on systems with dual GPUs like Alienware laptops. The solution is to force your PC to always use the gaming processor. For NVIDIA systems in the NVIDIA control panel set the Graphics Processor option to ‘High Performance’.

The game crashes on start, what do I do?

The new Minecraft launcher makes it a little harder to get crash information. The best way is to go to your .minecraft/logs directory and look for latest.log. If you are using Forge look for fml-client-latest.log. The last thing in this file should be the crash information.

The game won’t start and an error appears that says MalformedClassName

Go to your .minecraft directory and delete usercache.json. That should sort it.

The game won’t start and an error appears that says java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Check your Windows environment variables for something that is adding a Xmx256M or similar argument to your java commands. Remove it.

The game won’t start and an error appears that says Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap

You do not have 64 bit java installed. install it or remove the -Xmx2G argument from the Vivecraft profile.

The game crashes on startup with ‘Java Binary SE has stopped working’

This is caused by a buggy nvidia driver released in January 2017 (v378.49). Try updating your drivers.

I need help not covered in this FAQ!

Try the Discord link on the bar in the right. Someone there can likely help you. You can also try the forum.