Vivecraft 1.16.1 and new features!

Releasing version 2 of 1.16.1 today. Version 1 was the beta, but we started cramming in too many new features late in the cycle to keep that number, so here we are at 2.

Optifine has been updated to the first full release, and Forge is as up-to-date as I can make it right now.

What new features, you may ask? Well…

Roomscale Crawling

Waaay back in 2016 I thought it might be fun for the player to get down on the carpet and wiggle their way through small openings.

This went very poorly.

Minecraft at that time had no way to modify collision boxes arbitrarily and the feature was abandoned. The setting, however, has been sitting there in the code, Waiting.

Minecraft 1.14 introduced a ‘pose’ system for reduced collision size when swimming and when squished by a piston on land. While preparing Vivecraft for translating, techjar came across this setting and though he’d take a stab at making it work now.

A couple of significantly clever hacks later and we had a system to set the ‘squished’ pose whenever we want and boom, crawling. He somehow even got this working on Spigot using, I can only assume, witchcraft.

It then fell to me to make crawling look correctly in the animations.

Mistakes were made along the way.

In the end it worked out pretty good, might get a little more polish in the future.

Give roomscale crawling a try! Note that if you’ve played vivecraft at all in the past 4 years, you likely have the roosmcale crawling setting off. Go into VR Settings > Interaction Settings and turn it back on!

For server owners, you need the very latest plugins and you do have to specifically enable crawling in the config.

New Touch Hotbar

This should have been done ages ago.

‘Touching’ the hot bar to select a slot is a useful feature, but it is so easy to do accidentally a lot of people just turn it off. A couple versions ago we added a ‘context sensitive’ button click system to Vivecraft, and it did not occur to us until now that the hotbar should be using it.

This is much nicer, and has some feedback. You can even use it to do a hand-swap.

If you’ve turned this feature off in the past, it can be re-enabled in VR Settings > HUD and GUI settings.

Buckets are also context-sensitive in this manner as well, which was the last of the ‘touch’ actions you can do, aside from attacking and mining.

Get It

The full details of the update, as usual, are on github. Please report any bugs you find. Server plugins and whatnot are available on the downloads page.

What’s Next

1.16.2 should be out here in a week or so. We should be able to get a version out for it quickly. There’s still some bugs in the Optifine release that I expect will be patched soon, and then the plan is to update Optfine for 1.15.2. When that happens we’ll update Vivecraft 1.15.

-jrbudda out

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