School’s out for summer

TGIF. ‘Nuff said.

Today I am officially releasing version 10 for both 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. We’ve gone through at least 63 pre-release builds of these and both contain a veritable cornucopia of minor fixes. You should update.

Barring the need for emergency bugfixes these will likely be the last updates until Vivecraft for 1.12 is out. When is that, you ask? Good question, I say! It will be after MCP, Forge, Optifine, and Spigot all update and get themselves stabilized. I can’t say any more accurately cause I dunno!

What I do know is I’m very excited for 1.12, and you should be too. Why, you ask? the recipe book, I say! Yes indeed vanilla Minecraft now comes with a built-in recipe book!

This is great news for the VR experience, especially Vivecraft newbies. Stay tuned!

Now what will become of 1.11.2, you ask? Let’s wait and see, I say. The FTB┬ámodpack makers seem intent on making 1.10.2 the new standard after 1.7.10. And of course vanilla servers tend to update to the latest and greatest ASAP. That leaves 1.11.2 as the odd-version-out. I’m going to be busy getting the 1.12 version out so no major decisions need to be made until we start adding new features in, afterwards. We’ll look at the community at large and any feedback, and then decide if 1.11.2 updates will continue.

What updates, you ask? Hmm, I got a couple planned, I say! After 1.12 the next thing likely is going to be an Onward-style touchpad/joystick locomotion scheme. This is tricky due to all the buttons but I’ll work something out. Beyond that… hmm.. roomscale fishing? voice chat? the sky’s the limit.

Around the community

Here’s a nice entertaining 2-part let’s play, in English, nonetheless.

And I will continue to plug Ochi’s series, though it be in German, just due to his sheer tenacity. 111 episodes. Killing an Ender Dragon. In VR.

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