1.16, Forge Support, and 4 years running

Happy Birthday, Vivecraft. Happy Birthday, America.

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Happy Earplugs Day, fellow inside-types.

1.16 Update

Just a quick update to commemorate this most cacophonous of days. As you’re likely aware, Minecraft 1.16 landed recently, and the questions about when Vivecraft would update started pouring in almost instantaneously.

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I can actually answer that and the answer is ‘very soon’.

The Optifine preview for 1.16.1 came out much, much quicker than previous versions, meaning not only that we can get to work on Vivecraft, but also that the internals of 1.16 are not so different from 1.15 to cause a headache updating. I’ve started on 1.16 already and would expect preview builds out sometime this week.

I would guess that 1.16.2 will drop in that time frame, possibly setting things back a bit as the build chain is updated, but I don’t expect any major road-bumps.

Forge mod support

Support for Forge mods has actually been available on 1.15 by heading to the Vivecraft discord and downloading the beta builds. These builds are a little out of date but I’ve been waiting on a full release of Optifine for 1.15 before doing another update. That release has not been forthcoming. The plan according to the OF folks is to get 1.16 out, then go back and polish and release 1.15. So we’re going to have to follow suit.

The good news is 1.16 Vivecraft is based on the Forge-capable 1.15 beta, and by all accounts it works fairly well, so 1.16 should launch with Forge support already. Huzzah.

Four years.


-jrbudda out.

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