How To Play

If you are not familiar with the basic gameplay of Minecraft, start with a tutorial.

Minecraft is not a native VR game so control is implemented through mouse and keyboard simulation. For the best experience please make sure the game window has focus on your PC.

Default Controls

In-game controls can be rebound in the VR Settings > Controller buttons menu. The Inventory controls cannot be rebound.

Vive Controllers

ViveControls large r1
ViveControls large r1

Touch Controllers

ViveControls large r1
ViveControls large r1

Moving Around

Vivecraft supports several styles of VR Locomotion. The offhand trigger activates movement. You can quickly switch between Teleport and Free-move by holding the “Pick Block” button for 4 seconds.

  • Arc Teleportation

    Aim a parabolic arc at your destination and release to be teleported to it instantly. In survival mode the use of the teleporter will cause hunger and has an energy meter that refills over time.

  • Free-move

    In this mode you move freely. May cause motion sickness. Default is to use the controller pointing direction. Options for using the headset direction or a run-in-place style.

  • World Rotation

    You can bind ‘Rotate Left’, ‘Rotate Right’ or ‘Free Rotate’ to a button to artificially rotate your view in the world. This allows for seated play with controllers.

  • Walkabout

    The ‘walkabout’ rotation is also available as a button binding. Pressing this button will ‘freeze’ the world in place allowing you to turn around and continue in your direction via roomscale walking.

Swing Attack

Vivecraft adds the ability to hit blocks and creatures by swinging your main hand. Your reach and damage are determined by the tool you are holding. Swords are best for combat and have a very long reach vs creatures. You cannot hit passive mobs without a weapon in this manner (to allow feeding, etc by touch.)

VR Settings Menu

The VR Settings menu has many options to customize your play experience. Hover over each option to see what it does.

Some important options:

Play Mode

Switch between Standing or Seated play. Seated mode ignores all controller input in favor of standard Minecraft keyboard and mouse control.

World Scale

Scale the world up or down. You really should try this. Mostly cosmetic but really cool!

Controller Buttons

In this menu you can map your motion controller buttons. Each touchpad can me mapped to up to 4 buttons. Cycle through the list of available actions by clicking each button. Vivecraft adds the following actions to the base list:

  • Hotbar Next: Select next item in hotbar
  • Hotbar Prev: Select prev item in hotbar
  • Rotate Left: rotates the view to the left by the degrees specified by the Rotation Increment setting
  • Rotate Right: rotates the view to the right by the degrees specified by the Rotation Increment setting
  • Rotate Free: rotates the view while you hold the button down, works like a ‘pan’ button.
  • Walkabout: freezes the world while you rotate in roomscale.
  • Quick Torch: Places a torch if you have one available.

In addition to registered actions (mods can add some!) you can also select the following for maximum mod compatibility (I’m looking at you, Gilby’s Voice Chat!)

  • keyboard(press): presses and releases the assigned keyboard key.
  • keyboard(hold): presses down the assigned keyboard key until you release the controller button
  • keyboard-shift/alt/ctrl: presses down the indicated modifier key for the duration of the controller button press.

Quick Commands

You can pre-set up to 12 commands or lines of chat. They will be available in the ‘Commands’ menu in-game.

Stereo Rendering

You can improve the look of the game a lot by changing the render scale to 1.5 and turning FSAA ON.

Using the in-game keyboard

Vivecraft relies on the SteamVR keyboard for typing. Most menus that require typing will automatically bring up the keyboard overlay. You can also bring up the keyboard at any time by holding “Sneak” and pressing the “Game Menu” button. If you need to use text chat it is best to do so via the ‘Chat’ button on the in-game menu.