Vivecraft Updates 3 and 30.

Laundry list of bugfixes to Vivecraft 1.10 which is now version 3. Added the new /tp command teleporting to 1.7.10, now version 30. Added some minor feature updates and fixes to both versions. Details on the individual release pages.

Hoping these 2 releases are bug-free and feature-complete enough I can sit back and start working on some fresh new features, open to suggestions.

As always please please report bugs on Github. I sustain myself solely on the souls of bugs and I am very thirsty.

1.7.10 Releases 1.7.10 Issues

1.10.2 Releases 1.10.2 Issues

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

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1 thought on “Vivecraft Updates 3 and 30.”

  1. I love what you’ve got so far, this is amazing!
    *open to suggestions*
    I’m currently using a DK2 and two ps move controllers, it emulates alright to vive and roomscale but its not perfect and setting up the controls is a pain in a half. If you can set something up in the control options with a “push button to assign to this control” that would make things much easier for us weirdo’s using odd setups. Thank you!

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