How to add Vivecraft to a MultiMC Instance.

Automatic Installation

Automatic Installation may only work using the latest releases of Vivecraft and MultiMC 0.6.3+

  • First run MultiMC and create your instance.
  • Add Forge to it via MultiMC, if you want Forge mod support. Select the version of Forge Vivecraft uses as default for best compatibility.
  • Close MultiMC
  • Now run the Vivecraft Installer.


  • Set the ‘path to minecraft’ to your MultiMC Directory. i.e.
  • If you want Forge support tick the Forge box. You do not need to match the Forge version you installed in MultiMC.
  • Untick ‘Create Vivecraft Launcher profile’
  • Click ‘Install’.
  • You should be prompted to choose your MultiMC Instance. Select it and hit OK.
  • Installation will complete.
  • Run MultiMC, ensure the instance components appear in the same order as the picture below, then launch your instance.


Manual Installation

  • Manual Installation Instructions are no longer provided due to significant differences depending on the exact version of MultiMC and Vivecraft.