1.15 is ready. Wash your hands.

People ask me all the time, they say “jrbudda, can I catch coronavirus in VR?” and I tell them, “Sure?, Maybe?” No one really knows. No one really can know. The mysteries of the universe are closed to us.

My point is I’m not a doctor. Also you should probably wash your hands after touching any other players or animals. Safety first.

Today is the release of Vivecraft for 1.15.2. I hope this brings some joy to your quarantine. Did I say joy? I meant bees. BEEEEEEEES.

First a shout out to @Naeqirelle on discord who is the best bug tester ever. He finds bugs in features I didn’t even know we had. Also a thank you to Techjar, who brings you the awesome Main Menu Worlds which are a big pain to update each time.

The Update

You can find links to the VR, NonVR, and Server downloads for 1.15 over on the downloads page. (Shocking, I know.)

The bad news is we still don’t have Forge support. The good news is quite a bit of work was done in the update to prepare for Forge support sometime in the near future. Once Optifine is up and stable on 1.15 and working with Forge. We will begin the process of making Vivecraft compatible once again (for the third time).

Other than the version update there isn’t a ton of new in this one. A couple of bugs that were lingering in older versions have been squashed, and some new features for the desktop mirror were added.

One exciting change for a very small number of people is that the rendering of items held in the hands is now based on the vanilla first_person transforms. This lets resource pack authors, or highly motivated users, tweak the transforms to make custom-modeled items appear correctly in VR. Yay!

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Play Vivecraft. Support us on Patreon.

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Why do you people do this to yourself?

-jrbudda out