1.16.4 and some fun videos.

Hello you Covid Cats and Quarantine Quetzalcoatls. I hope you are all keeping safe and distanced out there.

Just a quick update to point out that the clients and plugins are all now updated for 1.16.4. Hit the downloads page to get yours.

Around the Community

I’d like to make a special shout-out to this recent UpIsNotJump video. Funny and of a questionably high production value.

Also this video from Mully, Joshdub and their… friends. It’s none of the above. It’s mostly incoherent shouting, but I’ve come to expect nothing less.

I haven’t been doing a very good job recently of finding and promoting quality Vivecraft content on youtube or twitch, and I know there’s a ton out there. If you find some great content you think I should link, or even want to promote your own, please drop me a line on discord. I promise I’ll watch it.

-jrbudda out.