I deck the halls with this Lapis Lazuli

Feliz Navidad to you and yours, people of the internet.

New VR Owners

For those of you waking up this morning to find St. Nick has left you brand new VR equipment ‘neath your tannenbaum: Welcome to Virtual Reality! We have cookies. Virtual cookies!

Let’s provide you with a quick overview of Vivecraft compatibility with the latest gear:

Vivecraft works natively with any SteamVR-compatible headset. This includes:

  • The HTC Vive, Vive Pro, or Vive Cosmos
  • Any Oculus Rift (DK, CV, or S)
  • WMR Headsets like the Samsung Odyssey or HP Reverb
  • The Valve Index

All of the above have pre-configured controller defaults in the latest versions of Vivecraft. See this page to learn all about customizing the controls to your liking.

Additionally, Vivecraft can be streamed from your PC to standalone VR headsets with some additional software. This includes devices such as:

  • The Oculus Quest
  • The Oculus Go
  • Samsung GearVR
  • Google Daydream
  • Google Cardboard (basically any phone-based VR headset)

Important things to remember if you’re using a standalone headset:

  1. Vivecraft still requires a robust gaming PC with a dedicated GPU (AMD or NVIDIA)
  2. Controller support for standalone solutions will vary with the devices. Vivecraft has a keyboard/mouse seated play mode for systems without controllers. There is no gamepad support at this time.
  3. You need to load the correct software onto your device, and have its mate running on your PC. You also still need to install and configure SteamVR.

When you’re ready to play, head over to the downloads page, have a good read through it, and hit the links to the installers.

If you have any questions about Vivecraft please read the FAQ page first, and carefully.

Oh and if you’d like to get me something for Christmas, why not check out theĀ Patreon. There’s in-game rewards and stuff!

Development News

Just a quick status update on Vivecraft development now that we’ve got the newbies taken care of.

Right now the latest version of Minecraft that can be played with Vivecraft is 1.14.4. The latest version that can be played with additional mods via Forge is 1.12.2.

We’re well aware that Minecraft 1.15(.1) is out. At the time of writing this on Christmas morn’, we are waiting on a release of Optifine to begin development on Vivecraft for 1.15. There seem to be no big surprises in 1.15 and I’d guesstimate Optifine will be out in early January with Vivecraft to follow a week or two afterwards. Then you can have your BEEEEEES.

Forge support in the post-1.12 era is a little bit trickier subject. Forge underwent a hefty re-write in 1.13, especially related to coremods, classloading, and other startup shenanigans. Optifine took several months to update and, even using it as an example, we’re looking at a re-write of our whole build process in addition to actually making the 1.13+ VR code compatible with Forge.

In other words: it’ll be done when its done.

Around the Community

Vivecraft had a great showing in 2019’s SUMMER OF MINECRAFT.

Just a couple of the e-famous names on the list:


Shroud (who one time personally killed me in PUBG)

And the big man Pewds himself.

I’m sure there’s a ton more great videos out there but Youtube’s search is so horribly broken I’ve given up trying to find them. If you’re a smaller youtuber with some good Vivecraft content I’d be happy to drop you an embed in one of these posts, just lemme know on discord.

-jrbudda out.


Instructions for installation can be found on the Downloads Page.

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