Animation update and non-VR companion

Happy Wednesday!

I have some updates to brighten up your humpday doldrums!

First, (tho some of you might have seen me sneakily release it last week):

Introducing the Vivecraft NonVR Companion mod!

This was requested a lot since the jump to 1.10 and the unfortunate (and hopefully temporary) absence of Forge support. This is a stripped-out version of Vivecraft that is basically vanilla, boring 2D minecraft for ‘non vr’ people (muggles). The only thing it adds is the new and very much improved VR animation support so your Minecraft server mates can see you dance, twirl or pick your butt. It’s also got Optifine in it, so they can use shaders and whatnot.

Get it (or tell your muggle friends to get it) on the regular Vivecraft 1.11 downloads page.

Jaron780 has updated the Spigot plugin to properly sort the VR from the NonVR.

Animation Update

The VR animation in 1.10/1.11 was, let’s face it, a little janky. So I’ve gone and re-done it properly. Arms are fully articulated with shoulders. Your head direction follows properly. The head height does not change but that’s intentional on my part. (we don’t want any short-shaming around here. Or maybe I’m just lazy, deal with it ya wee bastards)

Here’s a gif.

Note this is all for 1.11 Vivecraft, and only works on proper multiplayer servers running our Spigot plugin. (No LAN, for now). If you’re a 1.7.10 kinda person please continue to use Techjar’s excellent Vivecraft Forge Extensions mod on your VR and non-VR clients which do basically the same thing (tho they don’t got shoulders :P)

Touch controller support: round 2

I discovered something terrible, you guys. Shook me to my core. Since the very first minecrift-vive… the aim direction in minecraft vs the SteamVR system menu has been off. By 1.282 degrees. Literally unplayable. Well no more! We’re now using the reported aim direction based on the controller you’re using. This means fixing that egregious oversight on the Vive controllers, and I guess also fixing the 40 degree offset that Touch users were seeing. I went the extra mile and re-did the tool positioning for Touch users so while your ‘aim’ is now basically ‘gun’ direction tools still sit parallel to the grip. Looks and works pretty good.

Here’s a picture from Discord user Alto who helped playtest these changes.

This update will be coming to the 1.7.10 branch in the next couple days, I need a little longer due to, frankly, being terrified of the item rendering code in that version.

Note that there is currently a bug in SteamVR where the in-game keyboard uses the wrong direction. They are fixing it.

I also added bindable buttons to the left joystick directions and re-did the defaults based on feedback. Check out the patch notes and How To Play page for details. If you’ve already played Vivecraft 1.11v2 on your Touch you will want to review and/or reset your bindings as much has changed.

The ability to rebind the right stick directions and a similar thing for swipes on the Vive touchpad may be in the future.

Check out the update details at the Github Releases page

Instructions for installation are on the Downloads Page.

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