New Year, New You!

Just kidding, it’s the same you. Wouldn’t it be weird if you woke up one day and you weren’t you? Would you be able to tell?

Thankfully there is no confusing if Vivecraft is new. because we use version numbers, (and sometimes letters).

Updates are out today for both 1.11.2 and 1.7.10. This is the first announced version of 1.11.2 tho I did sneak an early build onto github last week for the truly dedicated.

No major new features this time around, just a handful of small polishes and bugfixes. Most notably Techjar has gone and totally re-written the Main Menu system. He’s got some cool stuff in the works for this likely in the next update, so stay tuned. Also farming is now a thing you can do in roomscale if that’s the kind of thing that entertains you.

The spigot server plugin does not need an update for 1.11.2 so feel free to keep using it when updating your servers from 1.11.

Cool stuff from around the Community

We’ve added some new servers to the Server Listings page if you’re looking for other folks to play with. If you have a server you’d like listed, let me know!

Here’s a neat video showing how to get Vivecraft working on a PSVR using Trinus

This is just some folks derping around with 2 Vives in the same room on a multiplayer server but it amused me.

As always please please report bugs or request features on Github.

1.11.2 Releases
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1.7.10 Releases
1.7.10 Issues

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

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