Patches for your face.

Hello Vivecrafters of the world! It’s Friday and I have updates for you!

The observant will have noticed a number of beta builds trickling on to Github all week for both the 1.11.2 and 1.7.10 versions. This week’s work has been a huge laundry list of tweaks and improvements to 1.11.2 and bringing 1.7.10 up to speed.


Without further ado let me introduce version 7 of 1.11.2 and version 37 of 1.7.10

The full release notes are on the github pages but let’s go over the basics!

First the bad news: the ClimbeyMotion items are not in the new 1.7.10 version. Sorry! that code is highly invasive and requires server plugin support to work and it just won’t play well with forge.

Now the good news!

The teleport-locomotion has gotten a rework when it comes to water: previously your arc would ignore the water entirely and send you straight to the bottom, where you would have to hope for a way back out. Now, your arc will stop about a block down into the water if it starts in air.
After you teleport a number of different things can happen depending on your Simulate Falling, Roomscale Swimming and seated/standing options. I considered making a flowchart, but stopped when I realized I could instead spend that time doing anything else. Take my word for it that I did test all permutations of the options and it should all work intuitively and better than before.

The ClimbeyMotion additions from last week seem to be a big hit! I was just playing with it myself kitted out with the Climb Claws, Jump Boots and an Elytra. They all work nicely in concert and its a ton of fun!

I did make some changes and tweaks in this release:
The jumping is now velocity-capped. I’m sure this will disappoint some but I needed way to make the jumping consistent. I also did not want anyone hurting themselves or innocent pieces of furniture trying to be the Hulk. It’s fairly easy to max out the speed cap so once you get a feel for it your jumping should be a lot more predictable. This should allow the construction of courses and challenges with predictable difficulty.

If you simply must have more height you can use a Leaping potion which will multiply your Jump Boot jumps.

I also added a Run n Jump mode. This is a bit tricky to master but you can hold Move AND Jump and you will continue to run in your look direction while you make your jump. The jump horizontal velocity is additive so you can get more distance this way.

That’s it for the big changes. Seated mode got some new options. Some circles were hunted down and sent to circle-conversion camp. And a ton of bug fixes!

1.7.10 got most of the major changes from versions 6 and 7 of the newer branch. I also fixed a bug that was messing with LiteLoader, so that should be more compatible now. I only tested it with MAtmos.

I did fix a tiny bug in the Spigot plugin. Server owners you should update.

Around Here

I’ve made some additions to the How-To-Play page. Check it out, you may learn something. If there’s anything you feel needs to be explained better, plz let me know in the forum or on discord.

The donation link is still at the bottom of every page. Genius is expensive.

Around the Community

I was only able to find one video on youtube of someone playing with the Climbey stuff and that is this one. I expect to see more of these in the future! I wanna see some jump courses!

There’s a number of other letsplay series going on out there but most of them are not in English so I have no idea what’s going on in them.

As always please please report bugs or request features on Github.

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