Vivecraft is 1 year old today!

Today, Vivecraft is 1 year old.

Hopefully within the next few years it will cease pooping itself.

The support and enthusiasm for this little mod for an 8 year old game has been incredible. Especially the r/vive reddit community, you guys rock., thank you.

Also big thank you’s to Techjar, for all his hard work. To the discord users for all their bug testing and feedback. And to the Vivecraft patrons, who for some reason feel exchanging real money for sparkles that come out of your butt is a fair deal.

Couple quick announcements.

New Updates

All 3 versions of Vivecraft have received an update with a new ‘backpack’ hotbar switching mechanic. You can now reach behind you to quickly switch to the first slot on the hotbar, so stick your sword there. In 1.10+ you can swap the 2nd hotbar slot with the offhand slot by reaching behind your back with the offhand controller. Please note this does not work with bows. It would sweet to have the sword on your right and bow on your left but bows just don’t work equipped offhand, it’s a vanilla limitation and I’m sorry. The releases are all still flagged pre-release as I’m trying to track down a few remaining bugs, so keep an eye on the download pages over the next few days in case there are important changes. The Non-VR companion for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 have also both been updated with bugfixes.

Forge Server Mods

Techjar has completed his Vivecraft Forge Extensions mod for both 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. These are server-only mods for supporting VR animations, teleporting, and other misc VR oddities. (the 1.7.10 version is still for client and server both). Head to the downloads or multiplayer pages for links and instructions if you want to set up a modded server.

New Modded Server

Speaking of modded servers, Norn, of the popular Vivecraft server Nornia, has set up a sister server based on Forge 1.10.2 with a carefully curated modpack. He’s got a new website with instructions, and also just offically launched it today. Norn’s servers are well-run and a great option for folks looking to play minecraft in VR with other people but don’t have any people of their own.

1.11.2 Releases
1.11.2 Issues

1.10.2 Releases
1.10.2 Issues

1.7.10 Releases
1.7.10 Issues

Instructions for installation can be found on the Downloads Page.

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