Update for Oculus Touch

Good Evening. Vivecraft now has some (slightly experimental) support for Oculus Touch controllers. We are excited to welcome our Rift brethren to the roomscale party.

Get yours in Minecraft 1.11 or 1.7.10 flavor and please make sure you are using the beta branch of SteamVR or you’re gonna have a bad time.

I’ve assigned defaults to the Touch controllers based on a lottery system. I put the commands in a hat and drew them at random to assign to buttons. You can view the results on the how-to-play page. I am totally open to changing the defaults if a consensus can be reached as to a better set.

The Touch mappings for in-game actions can be re-bound to touching or pressing any of the main buttons or triggers. Do so in VR Settings > Controller Buttons.

Big thanks to our oculus testing team for helping me out with this one. I’m talking about you, discord user Fritter, you the man.

There’s still a little bit of weirdness at this early stage in properly identifying the tracking system in use. If you find yourself way above or too near the ground use the Reset Origin button on the settings menu and that should sort it.

I also went and implemented a ‘FOV-Reduction’ comfort option while in free-move mode. I personally can’t stand it but hey, different strokes and all that. It’s just a fade-to-black and not some fancy schmancy static horizon like Google Earth. But we ain’t fancy schmancy.

Also gee whiz, people. Endermen. They’ve not worked right… ever. Not since the very first Minecrift-Vive have endermen properly responded to a VR player eyeballin them. You had to get your crosshair all up in their spooky faces to rile them up. Well no more! Just when you thought creepers were the worst things in VR now you get proper endermen aggro to deal with. I understand why no one reported this, I really do. (chickens). Server admins will need to update their server plugin to get this fix in Multiplayer.

Forgot to plug the new Server Listings Page!. Shows realtime public Vivecraft server status. If you have a Vivecraft-friendly server and want it listed on this page let me know!.

That’s all for now. See you again real soon.