Inaugural Updates

News got you down? Feeling the need to escape reality? have you tried…… virtual reality? We’ve got some!

New updates out today for both our current branches of Vivecraft. That’s number 5 for 1.11.2 and 36 for 1.7.10. My how time flies.

The new 1.11 version has a pretty sweet new Main Menu system-thingie. Techjar worked on it for like a week straight. We can now stream Main Menus basically directly into your brain. We reserve the right to use this system to troll you, collect your personal data to sell to Djiboutian spies, or add your PC to a botnet the sole purpose of which is to identify every last picture of a corgi on the internet.

The better news for some of you is we have actually started work on Forge integration for 1.10+. We’re using 1.11.2 for now and if by the time we’re done (which could be a long time) all the good modpacks are still on 1.10.2, we’ll bring back that version.

Community News

Been a little quiet this week. Some of our new servers are building up a nice regular playerbase, if you’re looking for a online Vivecraft home, go check one out.

We’re slowly compiling a compatibility list for Forge mods, should be up on the site here soon. I intend on showing which mods are known to work, not work, or mostly work, and what workarounds might be available. If you’re a Forge player and want to help, we’d like to hear from you on the Discord

If you speak German here’s a guy who’s up to episode 63 (!) in a Vivecraft youtube series. Give him some views! (or whatever they’re called in German, (das views?))

As always please please report bugs or request features on Github.

1.11.2 Releases
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1.7.10 Releases
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Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

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