Vivecraft for Minecraft 1.11!


Yes, it is I! jrbudda! Rumors of my untimely demise are greatly exaggerated (and may have been spread at my behest!)

It’s good to be back though!. Writin’ code. Testin’ features. Terrifyin’ the dog with unending streams of profanity directed at the glowy-desk-box. Ya know, programmer stuff.

I have for you, you lucky people, many announcements on this fine, brisk November morn.


Vivecraft for 1.11 is here!
This is the now the primary version of Vivecraft. The 1.10.2 version will not be updated any longer unless someone has a compelling reason.


Along with the release of 1.11 client, Mr. Jaron780 has updated the Spigot server plugin. He also went and made a Spigot plugin for 1.7.10 as well, to replace the old one by jpossi who is not updating his any more. Grab the plugins on the Multiplayer page!

Also Next.

Vivecraft Update 32 for 1.7.10
All the cool roomscale and seated options that were added to 1.10.2 in the last couple updates have been ported to 1.7.10. We do intend on maintaining this version since is the only one that supports Forge. I will do my best to keep 1.7.10 on par with 1.11 going forward.

Next Next.

I finally got around to configuring the forums here on This is a good place for users to talk to other users. If you want to communicate with me or submit bugs, please continue to use Github.

Next Next Next.

I’ve been told Vivecraft works on the PSVR using Trinus. How cool is that??

Next x4.

Watch this Vivecraft Video. It’s well produced and hilarious.

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This cool steam utility, 3Dsunshine, lets you paint minecraft structures like Tiltbrush and import them into your worlds. What a great companion app to Vivecraft.


Forge Support for 1.11!
… Is not currently being worked on. Sorry. It’s a huge technical challenge with dubious chances of success. If there are any community members out there who know java, Forge, and have a penchant for masochism feel free to jump on the team and head that one up. The people will sing your praises.

That’s all the news. Sorry for the long delay between updates. I’ll try to keep ’em coming more regularly. Got some new things kickin’ in the ol’ headspace for the next update, shouldn’t be long, keep an eye out!