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Helloo Internet. How are you? Tubes clear? Cats doing ok? good.

I’m happy to report that most of the ‘backend’ work we’ve been doing over the past few releases is behind us. Vivecraft is all nice and up to date on Forge and Optifine and most of the associated bugs have been squooshed. We’re now back to the much more fun job of adding features, streamlining gameplay, and just overall making the world a better place.

Today I have for you a long-awaited and much-requested feature: Onward-style touchpad locomotion! That’s right, you now have a 4th ‘free movement’ style control scheme to choose from alongside controller-directed, hmd-directed, and run-in-place. The new scheme allows for analog movement speed using the Vive touchpad or Touch joystick on the left hand. There’s a number of minor adjustments you will need to make to your keybindings, these are laid out on the release page(s).

Speaking of releases: all 4 versions of Vivecraft are getting this release so no matter which one you play, you can take advantage of the new locomotion. Our QA department also informs me that they are both under-staffed and imaginary and that with so many versions and configurations to test unintended consequences may occur using the new locomotion. Please report bugs.

Also bundled into this update is a new keybind-selection screen, no more cycling thru individual actions, you get a nice list to pick from. Should make customizing your controller setup a lot quicker and less frustrating.

Finally I’ve added some new options to all 7 installers (including the non-vr companions). You can now choose a custom name for your Vivecraft profile in the Minecraft launcher and you can also point the profile at a modpack during installation (because, frankly, the new Minecraft launcher is hot garbage and made doing this step manually a pain in the patoot).


I’ve updated the FAQ page with instructions (and this picture!) of how to use the new installer to easily set up Vivecraft with a modpack.

Around the Community

Quite a number of neat videos have come to my attention. Some I had to go digging for. Youtubers: Please include ‘vivecraft’ somewhere in your video title or description if you’re using the mod, if only so I can find your video. (a link to this site wouldn’t kill ya, either)

Here’s youtuber ‘Brometheus’ with a 3-part series, 2 of which use Mixed Reality mode, which we always like to see.

Everyone’s favorite JoshDub put out a Vivecraft video playing the (sadly now shut down) Pixelmon mod.

Here’s a VR episode of¬†Vikkstar123’s ‘How to Minecraft’. I guess it’s popular.

And this one too, at near a half million views, I feel like maybe I’m in the wrong business.

We’ve also added a new Vivecraft compatible server to the list, go check out Hexadecimal MC by BlueSnow.

-jrbudda out.

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