Patreon page and new version.

You may notice the orange button on the right. This is a Patreon button. Don’t think of it as giving me money. Think of it as me providing YOU with the opportunity to enhance your Vivecraft experience and alleviate you of any moral quandary you may experience from playing the best VR game that has ever existed or ever will exist totally for free.

See doesn’t that make it easier to click?

In all seriousness I made the thing because some people don’t like paypal, and this website costs some money, and I thought it would be fun. Go check out the campaign, there’s rewards and everything. If you have previously donated to me via paypal and would like the Patreon rewards for an appropriate amount of time, hit me up on discord or reddit or wherever and I will hook you up.

The game update this time around contains a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. You can read the nitty-gritty details on the github page. The 2 big additions are the aforementioned Patreon rewards and a new system for Server Owners to control which blocks are climbable with Climbey claws. Update your server plugin for that.


I’m fairly happy with the current state of the mod. I think we’ve added some really cool features lately and the bug reports have slowed to a mere trickle. Which I suppose means it’s time to buckle down and get Forge working on 1.10.2.

Yup I said it. It’s time. We did some preliminary work on this a number of weeks ago, and it is now my goal to make it happen. Excluding bug-fixes, Forge will be my sole focus for the next update.

I am actually going to have to get it working on 1.11.2 first, and then port back everything to 1.10.2. So here’s hoping that modpacks move on from 1.10 in the meantime.

Beyond Forge, I would really love to get Voice Chat integrated into the mod and server plugin. I asked Techjar to head this up but he blew up his computer in protest. So it will likely have to wait until after Forge.

Some other wishlist items for the future:

  • Integrated recipe viewer (a la NotEnoughItems).
  • Roomscale fishing.
  • A in-game keyboard that doesn’t suck.

Always open to suggestions, hit me up on discord or the github issues page.

Around the community

Here’s an awesome video showing off Elytra flight in VR.

Discord frequenter Shivaxi edited together some of his first experiences with Vivecraft. I really do love watching these.

Still a number of Vivecraft Let’s-Play series going on out there. Most of them not in English. I subscribe to them anyway and make up my own story of what’s going on.

Here’s a list in your ethnicity of choice.

As always please please report bugs or request features on Github.

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