Long Overdue

Sorry for the long delay between posts. It’s been almost 4 months since the last one. Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Presidents Day, Valentines Day…. so many missed opportunities for puns and sad headline jokes.

So here’s a sad headline joke I just happen to know:

Hey have you heard about corduroy pillows? They’re making head lines!

Good. Now that’s out of my system, on to business.

Vivecraft for Minecraft 1.12.2 has been receiving trickle updates over the past couple months, mostly addressing little bugs and niggles, and a few new features thrown on top. Perhaps you’ve seen these builds on github or discord, and a large thank-you to our discord users who act as my hapless testers. If not, then, well, keep reading!


One cool new, much-requested feature is a ‘third person’ desktop mirror. This is a great middle ground for youtubers and twitchers (twitchies? yea lets go with twitchies) between a first person view and a full-blown mixed reality setup.

The ‘camera’ for this view is the same as for the Mixed Reality mode, meaning it can be placed manually, or moved around with a 3rd controller or Vive tracker. You also get a view inside the hmd of where the camera is and what it’s seeing, which is neat! See the mixed reality page for details.


F5 also now cycles thru desktop mirror modes so you don’t have to go digging through menus.

And… that’s it pretty much for new features. I’ve updated Optifine twice, re-enabled ‘walk-up-blocks’ for locomotion, fixed shadows using shaders, made some changes to the installer to allow custom Forge versions and compatibility with the new MultiMC, but the 3rd person mirror is the only really ‘new’ thing. See the full change notes over on github.


Another great new announcement is that the newer Vivecraft versions are now actually buildable from Github again. We sat down and overcame some technical hurdles so that anyone can now grab the source code and get up and running a dev environment for  modern Vivecraft without jumping through hoops. I also fixed some dead links and rehosted files that were making even the older 1.7.10 version unbuildable without fiddly edits.

I’ve updated the readme’s on the 1.10.2 and 1.12.2 Github pages with instructions on how to get a working build for yourself. (1.11.2 is discontinued and I’m not working on it anymore.)

If you want to contribute I highly recommend stopping by the discord channel, I promise we do not bite much.

Around the Community!

This is hilarious. And shows fantastic usage of the climb claws.

I don’t know what’s going on in this next one but it’s got a half million views so it must be good.

I know there’s more videos out there but youtube search is so godawful it’s very hard to keep track.

Also since the last updates I’ve added several new Vivecraft servers to the Server List, check it out if you’re looking for somewhere to play.

Pay Me!

If anyone of you new bitcoin millionaires want to sponsor my early retirement, please send me an email, or just a suitcase of money.

For everyone else, we do have a Patreon page. Big thank you to all my current Patrons and especially thanks for sticking around through the last couple months of not-much-happening. Becoming a patron gets you a special role in the discord chat, and one of those cool in-game HMD’s you see in the gifs earlier in this post.

What’s Next?

I mentioned in my last post seventeen years ago about a big overhaul of the roomscale interaction system. A lot of the groundwork for this system is actually in place now, we just haven’t added any palpable changes yet. With most of the little technical issues put to bed in this release, the work now begins on the real fun gameplay stuff. Look out soon for interactable door, chests, button, levers, trapdoors, furnaces, etc etc etc. A previous contributor, finaltransmit, has popped back in with some cool new improvements to roomscale horse riding and boat rowing which are already in for the next version, expect more cool stuff from him too!.


–jrbudda out


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