New update and server plugin for 1.10

Good afternoon to you, my dear vivecrafters. We have another update today for the 1.10 version of Vivecraft that goes along with the first release of our ‘official’ (i.e. I wrote it) multiplayer plugin for Spigot servers. This plugin has the exciting ability to allow vivecraft users to see each other’s hands and heads waving about.

Also made some improvements for our Rift users, you can now use ‘teleport’ mode while playing seated. And you can correctly set the origin for your Hydra controllers if that’s how you roll.

As always there’s a couple other new little features and bugfixes, including improvements to some of the new ‘roomscale’ movement. Check out the releases page for the full list.

1.10.2 Releases
1.10.2 Issues

1.7.10 Releases (nothing new today)

Instructions for installation of both versions can be found on the Downloads Page.

The new 1.10 server plugin can be found on the Vivecraft Spigot Extensions releases page

If you’re interested in a bit of a roadmap, my plans for the near future are to port all this cool new stuff back to the 1.7 branch. Get the rest of the needed multiplayer features into the new VSE plugin. Get the new VSE plugin also working on 1.7, and then maybe take a nap.

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